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[Wever Instruments Co., Ltd. participates in Dubai Arab Health in 2022]

Infomation Date: 2022-02-07    /    Hit: 405

Wever Instruments participated in

'2022 UAE Dubai Medical Equipment Exhibition(Arab Health 2022)'  held in dubai from january 24 to 27, 2022.





Arab Health is the largest medical equipment fair in the Middle East, celebrating its 47th anniversary this year. Weber Instruments introduced its main products, Zeus Wave (extracorporeal shock wave therapy device) and TESLA-3000 (medical electromagnetic field generator).




Many visitors were interested in our products.
And interested in not only our exhibited products, but also products to be developed in the future.



We hope this Arab Health will serve as an opportunity for our products to advance into Middle Eastern countries.

We hope that more people can experience the effects of our equipment and contribute to the health of the world's population.