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TESLA -3000

Magnetic Therapy Device TESLA-3000

Deep Penetration Electro-Magnetic Therapy and Laser Therapy
[Excellent effect in the treatment of pain!]

“TESLA-3000” is an innovative medical device which can be used both for magnetic therapy and laser therapy.
It penetrates the strong pulse magnetic (Biphasic-type) deeply into the body as well as muscle and nervous tissues to activate the cells and alleviate muscular pain.


*TESLA-3000 can be covered with the medical insurance cost.

1. Features of TESLA-3000

1) Magnetic field can stimulate the nervous system in a safe and easy manner without harming the body.
2) Non-invasive stimulation does not cause pain and skin damage
3) Magnetic field can be penetrated deep into the body. Therefore, it can cause the stimulation deeper in the body rather than the existing electrical stimulation therapy.
4) It is a non-invasive and non-contact therapy device. Therefore, it can be used with a cloth on.

2. Efficacious Disease for TESLA-3000

1) Rehabilitation of Nerves and Muscles
Acute/Chronic Backache, Cervical Vertebral Sprain, Sciatic Neuralgia, Motor/Sense Nerve Pain, Scoline, Frozen Shoulder, OA, Ligament Injury, Tendinitis (Calcification Tendinitis, Achilles Tendinities, Sour Shoulder, Plantar Fasciitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
2) Spondylopathy HNP, HIDV
3) Peripheral Nerve and Blood Vessel Peripheral Nerve Damage, Nerve Root Stimulation, Peripheral Blood Vessel Disorder, Buergers Disease, Cardiovascular Thrombosis
4) Can be used in combination of the IMS (IntraMuscular Stimulator) or TIP (Trigger Point Injection)
5) Urinary Incontinence

3. Features of “TELSA-3000”

1) Strong output and stimulation
2) Stabilized operation even after long use
3) Simple operation (possible to understand the operation process within 5 minutes)
4) Can be used semi-permanently
5) Minimum time and attention are required for a practitioner to treat a patient.


Excellent for Treating Musculoskeletal Disorders

TESLA-3000 transmits a 3-point laser and LED along with a magnetic field (deep penetrating electro) deep onto tender points of patients for alleviating the inveterate joint pain.

Treatment Areas of TESLA-3000

Shoulder/Arm/Leg/Waist/Urinary Incontinence/Achilles Tendon


Cooling Coil(Transducer)

It penetrates the strong pulse magnetic (Biphasic-type) deeply into the body as well as muscle and nervous tissues to activate the cells and alleviate muscular pain.


Magnetic [Magnetic Therapy]

Magnetic therapy is to subject a certain body part to magnetic field produced by permanent magnet unlike the electrotherapy which flows electrical energy into the body. By Faraday’s law of induction, an eddy current is induced within conductors by a changing magnetic field in the conductor. Eddy currents formed in the body stimulate the nerve cells and muscle which result in alleviation of pain. Since it can stimulate the body cells deep in the body which could not be stimulated with the existing electrotherapy device, it should be considered as a radical therapy.

The intensity of an electromagnetic field generated on the surface of a transducer is up to 100~140V/m, but it gets attenuated while penetrating deep into the body. The intensity of an electromagnetic field at the depth of 100mm in the body is about 15~30V/m so it can simulate the body cell in a safe manner.

This therapy is efficacious even for the body parts which are not available for the electrotherapy and even with a clothe on since a electromagnetic field can penetrate through a medium without severe attenuation.

Laser (Low Level Laser Treatment, LLLT)

Studies on the low level laser treatment (600nm~940nm, 2mW~100mW) have received a lot of attention since the 80s. In 1993, Hyogo Medical School, Japan, reported that a low level laser is noticeably safe to use for medical purpose comparing to a high level laser and in 2000, clinical effects of a low level laser were proved in the 7th EU Medical Laser Conference.

Three types of magnetic field waveform
A : Biphasic
B : Monophasic
C : Polyphasic

Expansion of Clinical Field of Magnetic Therapy

Currently, clinical effects of the magnetic therapy have been reported in various fields (neurology, pneumology, ophthalmology, taumatology, orthopedics, dermatology, etc)

1. For the orthopedic, it has been found to be effective for pain alleviation and nerve/muscle rehabilitation
2. For the neurology, it has been found to be effective for treatment of cerebropathia, stress(depression), epilepsy and migraine
3. For the urology, it has been found to be effective for treatment of urinary incontinence, benign prostatic disease and sexual dysfunction
4. For the dermatology, it has been found to be effective for hair loss treatment.


Supply Voltage Frequency : AC220V, 60Hz
Power Consumption : 2KVA
Magnetic Induction Amplitude : 0 ~ 2.5 Tesla
Shape of Stimulation Pulse : Biphasic
Stimulation Frequency : 0.1 ~ 20 Hz
Treatment Protocol : 4 User Mode, 9 Auto Mode
Dimension : 425(W)*490(D)*1510(H)mm
Weight : 56Kg